Podcasts to Listen to

These are the current developer podcasts in my rotation.

I’ve tried quite a few developer podcasts, and I’ve finally wittled down to a few that I consider excellent.

  1. Software Engineering Radio - This one sounds generic, but it has actually grown into a favorite of mine. The hosts usually ask great questions, and the guests always seem to be capable enough of getting into some really good technical discussions. Highly recommend this podcast.

  2. Changelog - This is a podcast focused on open-source development. I usually enjoy the topics quite a bit. Every now and then I’ll skip a show though, when the topics get too “high-level.”

  3. .NET Rocks - Great for keeping up with the .NET ecosystem. They have the clout to get some heavy-hitters in here. Guests have included Mads Torgerson, Scott Guthrie, Eric Lippert, and more. As with Changelog, from time-to-time I skip an episode of this, as they can get a little off topic.

  4. RunAs Radio - Ops/DevOps in the Microsoft ecosystem. Has some good guests and topics on occasion, but I skip many along the way. This one is in danger of dropping off my list, but still gets a mention here because there are still gems that pop up here.