Cool Stuff I Found This Week

This is all the cool stuff I found this week.

Bear with me as I am reintroducing myself to Java at the moment, so some of the things mentioned here may be common knowledge.

  • Hystrix - Obviously, this thing has been around for a while. I fully understand I’m late to the party on this one. Ironically enough, I was introduced to this while listening to a .NET podcast (.NET Rocks #1556) about Polly. I’ve used Polly in the past, but not Hystrix… yet.
  • jekyll-sitemap - Planning to start using this on my website to auto-generate a compliant sitemap.
  • hydeout - The theme I’m now using for this site.
  • MacOS bootstrap projects. These projects made it easy for me to bootstrap my new macbook. I took some ideas from these and generated my own reusable boostrap script: